February 21 – Breathe

Finding the messenger filters. From thugs to Mafia.

This will be a shorter one. I don’t have much time. This week has been fun. We had a great time at bishops, I have had quite a few creative moments, went on an exchange with a mini missionary, taught the Law of Chastity, smashed some crates, studied some cups, jammed out in a Nissan, people noped on us, Elder Butler did a baptismal interview and we saw miracles. Let’s go into some more detail for these events.

We had a great dinner at our bishops house. Our bishop like all bishops is an awesome man. He bikes everywhere, super smart and had awesome kids. His wife is awesome as well. There was a comment made in priesthood meeting this week about how bishops are chosen. They said that you look for the most faithful, dedicated, and consecrated Sister and choose her husband. I think this applies in this case. We went to the DA with our best member friend and our investigator. They are just one of those families 5at you can spend seemingly infinite time with. Sadly as missionaries that can’t be case.
After the DA we travelled home with our friends back to Newbury. The dinner was in Tadley about 30 minutes away so we had a good drive. Rather than talk however Elder Butler suggested he play some hymns through the speakers. We have some fire hymn renditions to listen to and had an awesome time. The Nissan he owns is rather new and has prime speakers. In the dark of night, cruising along hedge lined roads and listening to amazing grace is a quality experience. It was also a spiritual experience. Music has power if used properly.
Earlier in the week I went on an exchange with Elder Brewster. Elder Brewster is a 6’5” mini missionary. Although in height he stand above most his mission will for the moment only be a three month one. It is a special program for people who can serve missions but might especially struggle for a full two years. The mini mission is a trial run to see if they will be able to serve for the full two. It counts towards there two years as well. However they don’t need to be endowed and are not actually called by the prophet. It’s interesting and is great for Elder Brewster. As a happy fact Elder Brewster has decided to serve for the full two years and most likely will return to the ELSM or to on of the missions absorbing the ELSM. In our exchange we talked a lot about story making and other things. It was good fun. We also taught the Law of Chastity to our investigator and I grew my testimony that being straightforward is the way to go for this lesson.
On Saturday Elder Butler was putting in plans and was half asleep. Instead of “comp study” he put “cup study” and neglected to fix it. Later that evening in the chapel as we cooked up our pizzas Elder Butler brought out three cups for us to study. In this time we learned that some cups are tall, others are short, and some are even blue. We laughed quite a bit about that.
Saturday we got to smash crates as a service project as some members wanted firewood. Using a sledgehammer and crowbars we made quick work of it all. I didn’t get hit in the head by my companion this time.
Yesterday we did finding and twice in a minute we had people as we were talking with them simply walk away from us. It’s pretty awkward when that happens, but we did get a new investigator because of it. Don’t give in, don’t give up!
We also followed up with a lot of people. Many had disappeared but some were still interested. As we’ve tried to not give up on people we have been greatly rewarded. Sometimes people need time and a whole lot of energy to get moving but many people will move. They won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
It was a good and blessed week. I’ve improved massively this week in goal setting and it has made me so happy. Who would have thought accomplishing goals would be edifying and enlivening?
That’s all for this week. Sorry it’s scattered. I hope you are all doing well. Next week I’ll get to tell you about our Confrence with Elder Sabin which is going to be the awesomest.
I love your emails and want to here from you!
Love, Elder Palmer 

February 14 – Yeah, No. Definitely Not.

So yeah, it’s been a pretty fresh week. Seven more days of the best two years. It’s been full of Tandoori fuelled dreams, panicked finding, the shortest exchange of my life, beans on toast and way too much rain. There’s been some real treats a happening.

To start things off let’s take a look at an English quirk. There’s a word that has power in this country, it commands men and drives them to act, that word is strictly. Mr. Strictly, as I will call him, is mainly found on signs and is used as an emphasis before commands. If no parking wasn’t enough for a certain road than one can simply add Mr. Strictly and bang! You have yourself and firmly written sign guaranteed to compel road users to park elsewhere. “Strictly no fouling” has so much more power than simply “no fouling.” It’s as if it adds a hidden marksman perched in a nearby tree, ready to pull the trigger on his polished rifle and send you and your yorkshire terrier back to the creator. The English, renowned for there inability to cook with anything more than salt, have found the salt of their vocabulary and channeled it into there signage. Strictly is, after all, about as much flavour as you’ll get in an English sign.
At the beginning of the week, so last Wednesday, we went over to Tesco’s and got ourselves a dozen true and blue Krispy Kream doughnuts. The are delectable and much to expensive. That evening we stopped by a less active woman who was very outspoken. She was an Interesting lady and makes me grateful I’m not less active. Being in the church isn’t easy, that is true, but it sure beats dealing with the vicious waves of the worries of the world.
Thursday we had our first district meeting of the transfer. We missed our train getting there so we’re 30 minutes late. Not the best example when your the district leader companionship. We got there in the end though and had a good district meeting. The senior couple, the Beauchamps, came and it was lovely to have them. They gave us great cookies. Senior couples are the best! the world needs more of them. After district meeting we travelled to this burrito place an elder wanted to try. I got the tandoori wrap which is a spicy Indian concoction. It was rather delicious but a bit cold and overpriced. (I’m sorry but I think this email is going to talk a lot about food) The after effects of the wrap as well we’re not appreciated. Nightmares and bad gas.
Also on Thursday we had an exchange. I was with Elder Amoussouga from France and this was a very short exchange. The reason being was that we caught the wrong train. Rather than go from Reading to Newbury we got the oopsies express to Pewsey. Pewsey is a small town about 20 miles east of Newbury. The train we had put ourselves on was taking the same line but was a different service. It was an awkward moment to look out the window as the “Welcome to Newbury” signs passed us by. We ended up only having enough time for dinner and ward council that day due to our train fiascos.
Our exchange was also cut short due to us needing to be back in Reading around 14:00 the next day. In the end that day all we had was a teach and studies. The teach was with our baptismal date and he’s doing pretty darn well. His faith is growing which is what needs to happen.
 After our exchange we did district finding on a high street in Reading. We had a whiteboard and a question written on it asking what makes people happy? It went really well as many university students were willing to participate. I talked with a Filipino man who was taught in a seminary for a few years. We talked about this doctrine and that doctrine and belief in general but sadly he wasn’t interested. It was however a high quality chat.
Saturday was wet and dark. It was the perfect day to spend four hours in the mud digging up grass, trees, and toads. It was with a member of the bishopric and so we had some good chats and ate good burgers half way through. It was actually rather pleasant with the rain being barely perceptible under a warm hoodie. I’ve never been filthier on my mission though. After a shower and some studies we received a text from a recent convert about our appointment in a half hour. She was asking if we were still go to meet. We had totally forgotten about it but to our joy we were able to still go. It’s the most awkward thing to be the party that forgets about an appointment.
Sunday was rather exciting as there was a baby blessing. Many less actives and non members came to support the mother and her little boy. The baby was cute wearing a little white tux. We hope we can start working with a few her family. Also that Sunday I got reminded of the importance of patriarchal blessings. We should not neglect them, they are a roadmap to life. When I last went to the temple in December we were told by the temple president about how we should regularly consider the covenants we have made therein and I believe that the same exists for our patriarchal blessings. Once a month almost feels to little. Once in fifteen years is robbing yourself of necessary guidance from our Father in Heaven. Don’t be that guy.
It was also on Sunday that we had to bust our butts. We had only one new investigator for the week and needed two more to hit mission vision. We hadn’t seen success the rest of the week but we wanted to give our all and find at least those two more. To make the story short we found in our last hour to find the second new investigator. We talked to everyone and we found success from it. Putting in our effort allowed us to receive the promised blessing that come from the Lord. It was stressful and uncomfortable at times. We got shut down hard a few times that day but miracles came and God’s hand was manifest. This is the case in every situation. Things will rarely ever be easy but it will be worth it.
Monday we had quite a few teaches and for the ones that actually happened the day was well worth it. We had a great teach with a member that really help our investigator. Members really help in teaches, regardless of how much they say. We also dropped off a spare table in our flat for a returning member who wants to get better with the word of wisdom. The table will help him work on models rather than his pipes. We got a lot of weird looks as we carried it from our flat to his place. Service can talk many forms.
Yesterday was rainy and slow and I was very non-keen to go finding. We made banana bread for some members that we are going to deliver later today. After we studied and had lunch and eventually ran out of things to do inside so went out to find. I really had to push myself to be positive. I was rewarded for doing so. There’s a lad we see around a lot who we chat with. He has a really solid head on his shoulders and we were just talking about him and wondering when we would run into him since we often did. Moments later we were walking when suddenly he was there walking beside us. I said “oh there you are” and he turned his head in surprise. We started talking and he invited us to go grab coffee with him. We declined the coffee but wanted to get out of the rain and have a chat. We sat in a coffee shop with him for a long time sipping on warm, word of wisdom friendly drinks talking about everything from accents to Happiness. It was one of the most insightful and edifying conversations I’ve had out here. I hope to baptise him, even if right now he’s not keen on the idea of joining a religion, or even giving up coffee.
That was a lot of what happened this week. Many a blessing and many things to smile about. I truly hope that your days are bright even in the dense fog that can sometimes cover us. It’s all about what happens inside after all. As long as the ship is airtight, no amount of water can sink it. And with Christ at the helm we’ll get to our destination, battered and better for it.
Love, Elder Palmer 

February 7 – A Man is What he Thinks About All the Time





“Have you or anyone you know been involved in yearning for answers to the questions where do we come from, why am I here or where am I going?
Have you ever felt a need for inner peace, greater strength or just felt a lack in life?
If so, we here at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints can help. Our experts on these problems can be at your home within the next 24 hours for a free consultation on how these and many more problems and questions can be answered! We’ve had up to two years of experience and are lead by the creator of this world, even the great Jehovah! 
Find your answers by calling 1-800-GET-BAPTISED! that’s 1-800-GET-BAPTISED or 1-800-438-2278-4733!
Call now and also receive a free book and study materials to further your insatiable thirst for answers.  
But wait! There’s more! Call before the second coming and you could become eligible for exaltation! (Terms and Conditions apply, see the scriptures for details) 
Please call, your questions can’t wait! 
Please call 1-800-GET-BAPTISED, again that’s 1-800-GET-BAPTISED, repeat, 1-800-GET-BAPTISED. Call now and all your hopes and dreams will come true. 
I’m anxiously awaiting your call. The number is fake though. Go to Mormon.org instead. It’s a neat little website. It’s a lot more informative and helpful than Facebook or its counterparts and you will get a free book and exaltation… By the way if your here for me to actually talk about my week, don’t worry, your in the right place, I’m getting to that now. For those completely disinterested in my week I guess you can stop here. The exciting stuff is over.
 Sitting here in an introspective mood, I realise that every week is the same. Doing the same stuff over and over tends to make ones life like that. Missionaries have about three options for what they can do. Find, teach and prepare. It’s not a bad life, it’s actually really awesome. And it’s not that repetition makes life boring but that it becomes less exciting to read about. There are only so many times you can make getting rejected exciting. You’ve heard about exchanges, teaching people, DA’s, etc. Hopefully it’s not old hat. I an case I shall still write! For I know of the great worth it can have. Just look at Nephi!
My blessed companion, the one and only Elder Butler has been a absolute star this week. I’ve had few times where I laughed so much. So he is a triplet and all three of them got their wisdom teeth out together back in good o’l Utah. They all also went under for the operation and as a result they were three very high children for a while. His mom sent a bunch of videos when they had it done and so we’ve been busting our guts laughing at them. I thought six needles was bad but man this was a whole other ballgame of embarrassment and oddities.
Together me and Elder Butler have also had the great opportunity to walk, and walk, and walk. We’re doing a lot of miles a day. The past two days we’ve had to travel and hour to an appointment by foot. The funny thing is that we’ve tried planning route by the busses here and google maps literally has told us the fastest way is to walk. It doesn’t even give us options for buses. We are finding pretty well right now but the people are very wish washy and in one moment are interested and the next not. It’s a frustrating cycle at times. We can only make your life better if we teach you!
Earlier last week we had an exchange over in Reading and I got to be with blessed Elder Burningham. He was in my MTC district and so it was fun to be with him again. He has grown leaps and bounds since the MTC day’s. He’s been in the same area now for the past 11 months and been a ZL the whole time. He’s super bold, dedicated, and a great example to me. We had a pretty cool miracle where we felt we should knock a few houses on a street at 8:30 in the evening which is pretty darn late for dark England. The third door we knocked we ran into a man who let us in (This is quite a rare occurrence) and so we taught him right there. At the end we said a kneeling prayer with him and it was powerful. He’s very firm in his faith but he has huge potential. It’s great that he has a faith, it’s great when anyone has a faith but I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon which can grow even the strongest of faiths. I wouldn’t try to convert JW’s, baptists, Methodists, etc if I didn’t have the Book of Mormon. It’s impossible to prove to someone that a certain interpretation of the bible is correct. That’s why we have the Book of Mormon, it becomes a fresh and clear documentation of what God hopes for us.
We had a cool time at a members just yesterday when we had a DA with them and our investigator. Their house was built in 1740 and looks gorgeous on the inside. It’s pretty crazy how old things are here in England. There are houses in my area that have been around for over 500 years. The DA was really tasty and even better, our investigator really enjoyed himself and learned a lot. It was our goal to beat into him the need to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. I think we succeed. He’s doing well and we have high hopes for him.
It’s been a happy week and I hope it’s been happy for you as well. God bless!
The Story of Elder Palmer and Elder Palmer

So the world is incredibly small. My email as you all know is palmer.benjamin but many missionaries think that my email is Benjamin.palmer. So I’ve lost about a dozen emails over the course of my mission to this ghostly benjamin.palmer. I’ve missed out on important announcements, pictures, and probably professions of a secret love. Whatever the case, it’s been a bit annoying.

A few weeks ago this benjamin.palmer emailed an old companion of mine who had sent an important email to him rather than to me. The old companion then emailed me a screenshot of the awkward moment he had experienced. Chuckling I decided to write to this now known benjamin.palmer.

Upon writing him I learned he was serving in Canada. Sadly not the Calgary mission and as weird as that would be, something even weirder occurred. He is serving in eastern Canada and his companion happened to be from England. Not only from England however but Newbury in specific. This Elder Palmer was serving with and Elder from the ward I was serving in.
In the vast sea of 70000 missionaries I happened to connect with my email stealing doppelgänger and also an elder from a family I attended church with. It’s crazy!
Love, Elder Palmer 

January 31 – New Lyrics to Some Old Songs


…I’ve been out here, for so long. I’ve kept the rules and hoped so high. A full missions what I’m thinking of, you wouldn’t get this from any other church. I just want to tell you what I’m preaching, trying to make you understand. 

Never going give you up, never going to let you down, I’m a going to come around and convert you. The spirt might make you cry, then it’s time to say goodby, to all those things that hurt you…
…Mama, been out so long, put my name tag on my chest, over white shirt, on my vest. Mama, it’s getting close to done, but I’ve still got many days left to go, mama, ooOOoo, didn’t mean to stain my tie, sometimes wish I never did own them all, many ties, many ties, and this one has a splatter…
…Do you ever feel, like a worthless soul, drifting through your life, wondering where to go? do you ever feel, feel so full of sin, just like Alma did, one fearful breath from endless sin? Do you ever feel, feel so buried deep, soul gone under where the light of love could ever reach? Don’t you know that there’s, still a chance for you, cause there’s a light you, you’ve just got to decided the light and choose the right, just pray and fight, like Enos cried! 
Because baby your a child of God! Come and let your spirit burn. Make them go wo, wo, wo, as you learn of your eternal worth…
Enough of that now. Well this week has been awesome! Super cool miracles and other great happenings. There was interviews, teaches, bike ridding, DA’s and other stuffs. Okay so using my miracle journal lets take the dive!
Thursday we had our interviews with President Gubler which was great. We had some fun training and the interview as always was a great boost. Interviews was at our presidents house out in the boonies of Cobham and it’s a 20 minute walk to his house from the train station. Every transfer before when they’ve been at his house I had a car. Luckily I didn’t have to walk there or back this time. On the way there we caught an unexpected ride from Sister Gubler which was very squishy. Prius’s are not designed for three large people in the back seats. On way back we got a lift from the ZL’s. #blessed
On Saturday we were booked up. We had four teachers in the morning. One teach we knocked and the husband of woman we were to teach answered. She was out working but he invited us in. This has never happened to me so I was sitting there panicking what I was suppose to do. Was he just being polite or is he actually interested? We ended up teaching him though and invited him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. I’m still not sure what he thinks of it all. Hopefully all will be well.
In the afternoon on Saturday we had two DA’s which was a lot of fun. At the first one I got hit on the head with a sledge hammer. We also cheesecake and hot chocolate. One of the members there has his Mormon message. He’s a really good man. The second DA we went to a Carvery and had some good food with the best part member family in the ward. They’re not actually family it’s two single men who have lived together for forever. They’re awesome! One is a member and one isn’t but pretty much is. He came so close to baptism recently.
Sunday was great as I actually got to meet the members of the ward. It’s about the size of Weymouth which will make it pretty easy to learn everyone’s names. One sister gave us this huge bag of fruit and granola bars so we are set for snacks for the next week. It was also Elder Butlers birthday, hence the two DA’s yesterday. We got three cakes in all so on top of all the sweets we’ve gotten from Christmas a sugar coma is imminent. I also got to give a talk sharing about what I’ve learned about the saviour. That was a fun way to introduce myself.
Monday was a normal missionary day with a heck of a lot of finding. Tuesday was well. We also had a DA and I made banana bread for it which was decadent. It’s been fun over here in Newbury. #bestbury
Love, Elder Palmer image2image3image4

Jan. 24 When Things are Enlivening

That’s my new zone right there. #RighteousReading

image3Things have been good fun. Newbury really is great, especially after settling in and giving the flat a deeper clean. We live in a good area, bikes are surprisingly effective, and Elder Butler is a stud. Last week we crushed it and found a ton of new investigators, more than probably any other week on my mission. We harvested! The people here have a listening ear which has been a great blessing.

Newbury is a fun area. It’s sprawling with many shops and homes. It’s got a nice muddy canal which has made me filthier than any other time on my mission. We take the path beside it most every day. The ward is small and the chapel up a big hill but no worries, we will help fix that.
From our few bike trips this week I’ve learned that I’m pretty not great at cycling. Sharp turns are my bane. I have not had any tumbles as of yet but I despise them and their speed calming measures. I’ve also never sweat so much in a white shirt as I have since being here. Our bikes are well nice though and so when the biking is good it is very good.
This week has had a lot of experiences. Earlier in the week it was chucking rain and we had already been out for over an hour soaking it up like a sponge. It was coming to dinner time and we decided that the best course of action was to call former investigators. In the space of an hour we found no one to teach but gave two referrals to other areas in the mission. One had moved down to Poole. He said that he was interested in talking so we gave his number to the Poole Elders. They texted us a half hour later saying that they had called him and we’re going over that night to teach him. After there teach they called saying that they had just invited him to be baptised and was now on date for just that! From simply calling him we were able to remind him of the missionaries he had met in the past and rekindled that desire to learn about the church. Now he’s on date! Miracles. The other referral was for my old area of Weston-super-Mare. The elders there will hopefully be able to do some service for her and who knows, maybe she’ll take an interest again.
Looking back, it’s rained a lot this week actually. Luckily not cats and dogs but rather a steady flow of hamsters and gerbils, if you catch my drift. But if your not picking up what I’m putting down then simply put, it’s a gentle rain. Not so much to soak you to the bone in 5 minutes but to coat you in 20 minutes. Hopefully your drinking what I’m pouring. Like standing under a leaky mister, if your printing what I’m faxing. It’s not terrible but not the best either. I can’t wear my glasses as they just get super wet and awkward to look through. For those that wear glasses I bet you can hear the beat in my bars. For those that aren’t eating what I’m cooking, it’s like a windshield on a rainy day without wiper blades. Not fun. Shoes as well. If you ain’t got some form of waterproofing on those puppies you feel like your back in Nam. You spreading what I’m churning?
By this time I bet your raising what I’m calling and can tell that me and the Butler have had a fun time making some different way to say “you here what I’m saying?” Well since your smelling what I’m stepping in I hope It gave you a chuckle.
So last week we had a ball finding people to teach and this week we’ve been able to teach some of them. One man we were able to put on date. He could see the “energy” in christians and wanted that belief for himself. It’s pretty darn awesome. That evening we also had a baptism interview in Reading. To celebrate we left early to go and get some Five Guys. That was scrumptious! What an wonder on a bun. The funny/sad part of it all though was right after ordering the companionship who are teaching the investigator called saying that the interview was cancelled. Their friend had encounter strong family opposition and backed out for the time being. It was not the outcome we were expecting. I didn’t want to go all the way to Reading just for a burger.
There was a really uncomfortable day as well this week. So we went to this new investigators house. It was suppose to be with a nice, polite, young man, probably in his early twenties, and living with his parents. We stopped by his house for our appointment and got no answer. We were early and we’re taking time to text some people near his house. A truck pulled up and we suspected the driver lived at the home and so waited to see where they would go. After 5 minutes of awkward standing looking busy the man went inside the home. It was obvious he had seen us, I mean we were standing 20ft away under a street light. We were torn of wether or not to knock again and see if we could get a response from the man at least or, leave it be. We decided to knock. The man who had pulled up in the truck answered. He was not impressed with us and not impressed with the idea of his son meeting with us. He ended up shrugging us of and refusing to tell his son we had came. After this disheartening event I then contacted a girl who l assumed was at least 25. That idea evaporated when she came under the light of the streetlight, screamed and ran around us. I had scared a 12 year old girl. That made the night extra great… 😛
As a bright last thought Elder Butler gave me an interesting haircut which actually is quite good. I also found this really nice burgundy overcoat that was on a big sale. It fit so well that after “careful consideration,” I impulse bought it. It Looks well nice. I will never wear it when I ride my bike.
Have one of those weeks that makes you feel that we really are here to have joy. God bless!
Love, Elder Palmer 

Welcome to Newbury! Jan.17, 2018

The New Crew
A nice, decrepit castle on a hill.
The world was thrown upside down on me this week. For the first time in five transfers during moves week I actually have a normal preparation day. This is because as you probably have already guessed—I’ve moved to Newbury. So where and what is Newbury? Newbury is located in the county of Berkshire which is near Oxfordshire. It’s a decently sized town of more than 10 people but smaller than London. Instead of a glorious Meriva Turbo we each get limited edition, 23 gear, forest green, Carrera mountain bike. Complete with classy helmet. My legs are going to be slaughtered the next couple of weeks.
Our flat is now only on the first floor (second floor for North Americans) and is quite a bit smaller than the one in East Grinstead. We live right next to a small canal which we bike and walk often. I was in the area one preparation day six months ago as I went to the Highclere castle which is near by. I never thought I would be transferred here. My companion is Elder Butler. Standing at 6’6″ with classy hair, a dashing smile and six months of the mission under his belt. He’s from Orangeville Utah and is a triplet. He’s going to be a fun companion.
Newbury might now be where I die. With only four transfers left its going to be interesting.
Before this news though I was still in the office, plugging away at some different things. In my last week I was able to do a lot of learning and better honed my skills on the various programs. Sadly I won’t be able to utilise those new skills any time soon. I found out about my move Saturday morning. It was both surprising and expected. I had been in the office for a good while and was starting to feel a bit cooped up. At the same time I also felt very comfortable where I was. I thought I could go without change.
Transitioning from a normal missionary to office elder has a sharp learning curve but is very rewarding. Transitioning back I have found is a bit trickier. Suddenly I have four or more hours of the day to plan for, no car, no deadlines and way less stress. Days feel awkwardly empty now. I was so busy behind a desk that slowly over time I forgot what being a normal missionary was like. I’m almost relearning some things.
My replacement in the office is Elder Pendleton who—for an office elder—is rather young. He has six weeks to learn the office before Elder Neuendorf leaves for Germany and then gets to train up his replacement. He is also the only one who can drive in the companionship and has never driven in England before. I’m praying for him.
Also this past week as an office elder I got to go on a final exchange with Elder Roper. Elder Roper has been one of my favourite missionaries. We had a good exchange. We stopped by people, talked a lot and had a good comp study. I’m going to miss that Utahan. I’m going to miss Crawley as a whole. I loved being able to work with so many other missionaries and spending time with them. There’s not many places in our mission where we work so closely and so often together. I’m going to miss working with president as office elders do and being so creative. I loved my time as an office elder.
Looking to the future I have six months to sprint (or bike) to the finish. I have more time to spend finding and teaching and way less distractions. I have all the hope in the world that all will be well. It’s probably the biggest change I’ve had since I first came into the field. I have gained a greater understanding recently that there is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth. Although I may be a bit frazzled by everything I know I’m going to come out stronger from it—Or at least my legs are.
My sisters from my MTC group also went home this week and remembering that has really made me feel like the world is upside down. I’m sooner to the end of it all than my year mark!
Love, Elder Palmer ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ 

A New Week – January 9, 2018

What there to write about? Busy, Some new friends. There are a few things
actually which is nice. It’s not been an empty week, although I think it
would be more newsworthy to have an empty week.

So this week we saw a spectacular miracle. We got a call on the office
phonw from a member of the temple presidency while we were in the office in
the evening. No one else was in so we answered. They were calling because
we had a referral. Referrals between the temple and the mission are quite
the oddities. Both ways really.

The president told us that a man with his family had walked in and said
they wanted to learn about the church. That was pretty awesome so we agreed
to go see them. We called them later that night to see up an appointment
with no answer. We tried again the next day with no answer still. They also
didn’t respond to our texts. We thought It was a false referral.

The next day we were in their town grabbing lunch and decided it was a good
time to stop by. We went to the home and the front door was open but no one
was in. I heard some voices in the back however so we popped around the
corner. There was a group of people and on introducing ourselves we got
swiftly rebuffed by one of the people there. We wern’t about to give up
though so I asked where A was. He responded asking us to come back in 5

We went back to the car for a moment to eat our lunch the hurried back. A
let us in and we say down. His wife soon joined us and we started to talk.
It went so we’ll as we explained to them the way to find peace in this life
and eternal life in the life to come. The whole way through they
understood. We invited them to be baptised and they said yes. They felt the
spirit and it was honestly picture perfect.

The next day we went back to teach more. And A in the middle of the teach
stopped us and said “I don’t lie but I feel that there is more than just
the four of us in this room” The spirit was so strong!

Also this week I finally finished a bunch of new mission publications and
things are looking prime! We handed them all out at zone conference and
people were well impressed. Zone Conference was also great. It was 7 hours
of loving rebukes. “We’re doing good” they kept saying “but there is room
to improve.”

2018 is a lot of fun with a lot of change and high expectations. Be excited
for it and go forward with faith and all will work out.

*Love, Elder Palmer*